Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Just a few snapshots of the work since our last update. We have some paint on the bedroom walls. Sadly the blue is very muted in the light. The rose turned out much better than I anticipated. We had originally picked out a lighter tone, but I was nauseated by it. Luckily the paint store was able to tint it. I was able to lay, what we believe to be Arkansas Marble in the library. A couple weeks work which felt good to step back from and view. The upstairs bathroom is progressing. We have the sink top put together with what we had leftover from the floor. A friend had the window, which we transformed into a door for between the bathroom and greenhouse. A little outside gardening as well. Lots of transplanting. Seedum, daylillies, cannalillies, thyme, chive, rhubarb, hyacinth, forsythia, bridal wreath, and a few more plants. Now to keep the weeds down. We have been working on gutters, which will be nice to finish on the exterior. This summer will be very hectic trying to finish a few things on the octagon, while also turning my efforts to yet another house. Sam

We took a few more snapshots this morning with the light pouring in. The blue shows much better. The scaffolding is away in back and the staircases are in. I'm sure the cupola floor will get done sometime soon.