Monday, December 15, 2014


Inspiration: Hudson Octagon
Varnishing and Sealing
Back Stairway finish plaster
 Years ago we made the trek to see this delightful octagon and make measurements. The size was just about perfect for or site. We didn't follow the floor plan however as most early octagons have less that desirable arrangements of rooms.

Believe it or not, this simple drawing was the plan we worked off of. (sorry to those of you who want a blue print or framing plan) We adjusted the plan many times in the process and were pleased to have this flexibility Generally speaking, however, this is the first floor room arrangement. It includes a living room, dining room, central hallway, library, kitchen accessible easily to all rooms, pantry and bathroom.

When plastered the 10 foot wide cupola will be a remarkable space, reached by a spiral stair.Window casings to the right in an upstairs bedroom feature recycled woodwork trim from an 1870's cottage. Jim

Large Bedroom with Trim

Cupola ceiling

I do not know if there was a fire lit under us, or that things just came together. Jim was insistent that we use up as much plasterboard as we could. And we did! First floor, minus entryway closet is all plastered. Just the greenhouse and one closet needs plastering in the second floor. And of course the cupola! I did finish laying the oak flooring in the rose bedroom closet. Lots of cuts and notches. After Christmas I imagine January will be filled with a little plastering and lots of floors. It will be nice to take a little break for a week and then go right back at things. Sam