Thursday, October 10, 2013


I am in a steady relationship. I do not know if she is right for me. She is high maintenance, requires daily attention, and is never quite satisfied. This is all well and good, except I do not know if she likes me. She glitters and sparkles and seems to smile when attention is given to her. She is beautiful, to be sure. A real show-stopper, second, third, and even more unwarranted looks have been cast her way. Yet I ignore all of this. I am in this relationship not for her attention. I do not try to hide her beauty, or to stifle the unwarranted looks. I feed her need for high maintenance. I build this beauty for the sake of beauty. It turns heads; casts a shadow of grace. Do those who see her know that she is not out of their league? They too can have beauty as her. Commit to a relationship of daily working with whatever materials to be found. Work to mold, shape, and construct a thing of beauty. Line, color, texture, form, symmetry. The relationship will form and heads may turn. She will always approve.Sam

Sam talks of his "relationship" with this beauty. To me,at my age, she is more like a cruel mistress...demanding, infuriating and eating all my waking and some of my sleeping hours. But by far the worst part is the knowledge that at least a whole year remains to satisfy her voraciousness. The exterior of the cupola and the completion of the porch remain to be done before winter. There is also the extensive landscaping that awaits. The interior,well, every day of every week will hardly complete it by next fall. This mistress may kill me yet! Jim