Friday, May 18, 2012

Second floor

Dave and John came this morning unexpectedly to help set the timbers on the second floor (Good thing that I spent yesterday evening cutting and measuring them so they were ready!) Sam decided he wanted to go with the 1866 barn framing timbers for the main supports rather than the laminated beams we made up for the rest of the structural members out of 2x10’s . It makes for a little more work but the look should be worth it…especially the one that has the date on it in big black numbers. Sam had to square up a damaged side of one using the adze…an experience only few have had in the last century! We started at six and were done by ten. Now for the attic joists!


Dennis stopped over yesterday morning and today to help us set the attic floor joists. He was an immense help. The days are really heating up and we must take breaks during the heat of the day. A few days of futzing and we will be ready to think about roof rafters. A little bit every day gets the job done.