Friday, August 30, 2013

More Gingerbread Please

It is hard to not look. This has been a hot week. We have been painting. Jim has been working on the porch, and I have been working on the second floor. We have decided to use a gray for the trim and a muted ocher for the cedar shingles. I was worried that my sweat would dilute the paint too much, but the colors turned out quite well. It is really turning into a jewel box. Sam

It was wonderful today to see the first of the porch trim go up. We chose to paint it an off-white gray which is in the green rather than the blue register. It is merely a lighter shade of the gray we are going to use on the second floor trim. This light gray appears like blue green ice. It gives the porch a light rather than a heavy feeling. It looks remarkable against the darker stone of the walls. We have enough trim to complete the entire three sided porch and hope to get it installed in the next several weeks.There is a lot to do before winter and snow moves us inside.Jim

Monday, August 19, 2013

Porch columns

Mid-August and it is still crazy busy. The house looks different yet again as the framework of the Victorian gingerbread porch which will surround three sides of the house is now in place. We are ready to begin putting on the roof boards and some of the decorative trim. There is still hope that we might get most of the exterior done before the winter hits and we turn our attention again to the inside. Jim