Friday, December 18, 2015

A few loose ends coming together

Of course we have been busy. I do not think there is anything else to be. I have been laying the hallway and have also been priming a few last walls. It is wonderful to finish up these tasks. Jim has been busy in the kitchen putting up the Delft tile and butternut cupboards. I hope you enjoy the snapshots because it looks even better in person. I hope we continue to be busy. Sam

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Finer details

 Just a quick update of some of the woodwork and other finer details coming together these past couple months. Jim has been busy putting the butternut woodwork in the back hallway and kitchen. Upstairs the blue bedroom and rose bedroom are mostly "done". The handrail in the upstairs hallway are leftovers from the spiral staircase. Everything is starting to sparkle and shine. Thanks to our very qualified cleaning lady! Sam

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Outside today

 Just a few snapshots of the garden. I did a bit of weeding today in the beautiful weather. The weeds will come back but hopefully the plants thrive in the meanwhile. Jim has been working on woodwork and I have been doing a bit of work on the floors in the rainy weather. Sam

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fine details

 Just a few snapshots of the slow progress as of late. Jim has been busy working on the rooms upstairs. He does fine work, if I can say so. I have been balancing my time between the new project across the river and the octagon.Rain days bring light work at the octagon and the rest is heavy lifting. Hopefully the summer ahead brings more productivity. Sam

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Just a few snapshots of the work since our last update. We have some paint on the bedroom walls. Sadly the blue is very muted in the light. The rose turned out much better than I anticipated. We had originally picked out a lighter tone, but I was nauseated by it. Luckily the paint store was able to tint it. I was able to lay, what we believe to be Arkansas Marble in the library. A couple weeks work which felt good to step back from and view. The upstairs bathroom is progressing. We have the sink top put together with what we had leftover from the floor. A friend had the window, which we transformed into a door for between the bathroom and greenhouse. A little outside gardening as well. Lots of transplanting. Seedum, daylillies, cannalillies, thyme, chive, rhubarb, hyacinth, forsythia, bridal wreath, and a few more plants. Now to keep the weeds down. We have been working on gutters, which will be nice to finish on the exterior. This summer will be very hectic trying to finish a few things on the octagon, while also turning my efforts to yet another house. Sam

We took a few more snapshots this morning with the light pouring in. The blue shows much better. The scaffolding is away in back and the staircases are in. I'm sure the cupola floor will get done sometime soon.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dizzying floors, balusters, and a cupboard.

Red oak flooring in blue bedroom
The centerpiece and latest effort.
Fir flooring in second floor kitchenette
Butternut cupboard refinished-minus finish.

We have been working a lot on floors. All the floors on the second story are sanded and have two coats of polymerized tung oil, except for the hallway. The hallway has been a labor of love. Lots of cutting and fitting. I think I may only dream of making 45 degree cuts and nailing maple flooring. I cannot wait to see how it turns out when we sand this floor. Will require a lot of hand scraping. Also note that we have been fitting the balusters on the attic stairway. Jim has been running to and fro keeping me in line, while working on the spiral staircase. He has the oak balusters finished and is working fitting the handrail to the newel post. He has also been instrumental in putting the butternut cupboard together. Fixing the sins of the previous owner. More modern nails than can be imagined! He has appropriately used old square nails and it has turned out tremendously. In Jim's opinion we saved this cupboard from the dump and breathed new life into it. Hopefully soon we will be able breath warmer air soon. Spring is coming...sometime. Sam

Handrail coming together.

We may have saved the cupboard from the dump but I'm about
ready to head there myself! We are in a race to get the finished
inspection done. All that is required is to get all the handrails
in place and the smoke detectors in. Then we can take our time
with the painting and finish work.We are also rushing with
the floors as the sanding equipment is on loan and will soon
need to go back. Spring will finally give us a chance to take
a breather! Jim

Friday, January 23, 2015

Porch and floors

The last bedroom to lay flooring in.
Oak floor laid in blue bedroom. Cherry woodwork being mounted.
Herring bone border in green bedroom. Maple to be laid in center.
Stained and one coat varnished doors.

Cupola sub-floor being installed. Cupola all plastered.
Laying maple floor in attic.
Architrave on porch.
Greetings to Cornelia! Here's a bench for you to sit on.

Nothing has shifted this winter, thus far.
A few shots of the porch in the winter for those abroad. Things have been moving along. Hence no posts until now. The oak floor in the blue bedroom took five days from prep to last board laid. (In case anyone was wondering.) The oak and maple floor in the green bedroom is at this same time frame with a smaller dent. A few other things have been accomplished, but they can wait until another post. I hope all have been staying warm and working hard. Sam