Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sand After September


Oct. 10
It has been quite a month! Coming into September I was wondering if we’d be able to get the house sealed up before winter hit. There was so much to do. The plumbing rough-in had to be completed, the furnace hooked-up,  The radiant heat tubing laid out and covered, the insulation sprayed in, the gas and electric lines laid, the remaining windows installed  and finally the brick chimney built up through the roof. As of today, everything is done except the chimney, which is nearing the attic rafters and the electrical hook-up of the furnace. Looks like we will make it but it still keeps me awake at night. While the insulator was at work we laid some of the finished stonework at the front entrance, which is a great improvement over the concrete block. I’ve alerted Sam that I plan a 2 week hiatus from the place as soon as it is ready for winter. Then we’ll have to plan the interior layout and prepare the walls for thin coat plaster.  Jim

I just want to be happy. I want a big flat screen television with very high definition and hundred pixels. A large freezer with dozens of hungry-man meals, and a fine microwave oven to cook them instantaneously to boot. Enough of this stone lifting, sand toting, cement mixing, and near constant drudgery. I could have my feet up on a plush faux leather sofa, remote in hand watching how people move supplies and build houses. Instead I keep my head down, watching my shuffling feet. At the end of the day I have something more than cheeto stains, and a sore remote. I have mud on my shoes, and a pile of stones.  Sam