Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Awaits

The Gothic Pantry entrance
The first ceiling plasterboard
Stairway to nowhere (the attic)

March 27

This has been the coldest March in over fifty years.  Snow, ice, and a little melting and refreeze to make things even worse. We are itching to get back to working on the exterior, but there is still so much to do inside that there is no dearth of things to do. More than half the sheetrock is on the walls in readiness for the thin coat plaster to follow. The blueboard makes the rooms seem small but that will change again when the white plaster will make them look huge. What I anticipate most is having the base concrete put down on the first floor. All winter I’ve had to deal with the loose sand and dust. Drop a nail and it simply disappears!

We managed to score a deal on the stone and tile for the bathroom floors, buying some leftovers from a previous job.  I have also located a welder to make a metal frame for the cupola floor. It will have a decorative grate in the center which will allow light to stream down to the first floor from nearly fifty feet above! As soon as we can get sand and aggregate from our supplier the exterior stone facing will start to go back up. Jim

An eclectic mix of tasks have been set upon. From plasterboard to staircases this place is coming into focus. I was looking back at some previous pictures of this project and cannot believe that only two years have elapsed, and that this place does exist. Water is cascading in torrents down the drive as the snow and ice are shrinking. A delightful sight as the ground will thaw and the jungle will reappear. Sam