Friday, February 27, 2015

Dizzying floors, balusters, and a cupboard.

Red oak flooring in blue bedroom
The centerpiece and latest effort.
Fir flooring in second floor kitchenette
Butternut cupboard refinished-minus finish.

We have been working a lot on floors. All the floors on the second story are sanded and have two coats of polymerized tung oil, except for the hallway. The hallway has been a labor of love. Lots of cutting and fitting. I think I may only dream of making 45 degree cuts and nailing maple flooring. I cannot wait to see how it turns out when we sand this floor. Will require a lot of hand scraping. Also note that we have been fitting the balusters on the attic stairway. Jim has been running to and fro keeping me in line, while working on the spiral staircase. He has the oak balusters finished and is working fitting the handrail to the newel post. He has also been instrumental in putting the butternut cupboard together. Fixing the sins of the previous owner. More modern nails than can be imagined! He has appropriately used old square nails and it has turned out tremendously. In Jim's opinion we saved this cupboard from the dump and breathed new life into it. Hopefully soon we will be able breath warmer air soon. Spring is coming...sometime. Sam

Handrail coming together.

We may have saved the cupboard from the dump but I'm about
ready to head there myself! We are in a race to get the finished
inspection done. All that is required is to get all the handrails
in place and the smoke detectors in. Then we can take our time
with the painting and finish work.We are also rushing with
the floors as the sanding equipment is on loan and will soon
need to go back. Spring will finally give us a chance to take
a breather! Jim