Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Nov. 25
Hectic days getting ready for winter. We’ve moved bricks and sand into the house in order to build fireplaces after freeze-up.  The back staircase treads and risers are in and I now turn my attention to the spiral oak staircase in the center of the house. Sam has made his first attempt at thin coat plastering. He has the upstairs bathroom scratch coat on and already he is showing a talent for the work. By the time we get to the formal downstairs rooms he should be fairly accomplished at it. There are only two more door casings to hang and that tedious work will be complete. The days are shorter now but we have lighting in nearly all of the rooms so when not too exhausted by the day’s chores we will be able to work at night as well. Jim

I am thankful for stone and wood. Carbon, silicon, oxygen and more congealed together to form the structure of this mass. Without these atoms, without these bonds, there is no reason for hammer, chisel, nail, and screw. The most basic of elements gives us the greatest beauty. The smallest touch leads to the greatest change. The tree grew through many seasons, the stone sustained intense heat and pressure. Ours has been an intense process through many seasons. Many elements have come together to create this mass of stone and wood. Sam