Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interior shots

For your viewing pleasure. A few snapshots of the interior of the octagon house.

The two largest sliding doors getting sanded in the dining room. Room beyond is kitchen
Partial view out of the living room window.
Looking up into the 'cathedral'.
 In library looking into living room.

Background is upstairs bathroom. Foreground is spare bedroom.
Coming up the back stairs.

Blue room. Spare room beyond.

The large bedroom.

Jan 14 2013
It is the middle of the coldest month here so not much is happening that anyone can see…from the outside. Inside, partitions are going up and the track for the oak pocket doors are in the process of being hung. The main staircase from the first to second floor has been decided on but not built yet; we are using the back stairs to gain access to the bedrooms. This week we removed the temporary floor from the cupola in order to complete some wall partitions. Once opened, the view became almost spectacular. Light streamed in from the eight cupola windows high overhead and gave one the feeling of being in a small cathedral! It is about 35 feet to the top of the cupola from the ground floor.  The bright yellow of the walls and ceiling are from the spray foam insulation that hasn’t yet been covered with plasterboard.  This is the stage where everything seems to go exceedingly slow. A whole day can pass in work and at the end of it, it is almost impossible to see what has been accomplished! Yet, it is all coming together. Evenings Sam chips away on the stone for the window and door arches we’ll need in the spring, and I use construction scraps to build the corbels we will need for under the roof at the second floor level. Jim

There may be an end in sight. There may not be an end in sight. More importantly there is the pause to look at what has been done.To see an angle you must try to hide it and the eye is suddenly beckoned.To see the largeness of a space, we have broken it into parts. Intimate parts and spaces that draw us in. The light illuminates and attracts. The walls delineate, form, and impress the importance of the space that is this octagon. Sam

The attic