Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving onward


The site is now officially closed for the season. It seemed to go very slowly as we worked this summer but seeing all the first floor block walls in place on top of their four foot footings, and the basement in under the kitchen and bath, and the sewer and water in, and most of the landscape dirt in place, and the stones for the landscaping in piled and waiting for spring, and most of the wood we’ll need stacked and ready…. Well, it is really quite amazing.

The structural lumber came from an ad on Craig’s list (Thanks John for helping with a truck and trailer to pick it up!) Some of it will have to be sized to a standard 2x10 but that along with dressing all the limestone and stripping and repairing all the porch parts will be a winter’s project. There is also wood to plane, stringers for stairs to make, etc. etc. etc.! Should be a busy winter as well.

Sam got lucky this week when an old friend offered him a piece of furniture for the finished house… a beautiful buffet for the dining room. It is in a style that both he likes and will match the period of the house. Jim

Today, weather permitting; a few of my family and friends will be heading to Hudson to see the beautiful octagon. It was a year ago that Jim and I saw it for the first time. I imagine that on today’s trip all will be shocked. It is one thing to see a hole in the ground, and then block walls, but few people can imagine what the end product of our pile of materials will even look like. It will be a good time and a real eye opener. Jim has homework for me on this trip. We need a few measurements with the cupola and roofline. Proportion is important and we want to be sure to get it right. Sam