Saturday, December 8, 2012

A new season

Dec. 7
Winter is finally here with the first snowfall of the season. It has been an incredibly dry summer…good for working outside but it also resulted in very few days off from the project to rest and catch our breath. That was maybe a good thing. The last of the heating system was finished and hooked-up yesterday just before the snow. Had there been more rainy days we might not have made this deadline. We are ready for the cold weather and will be able to work inside now for the whole winter.
 Interior partitions are going up and door casings made and doors hung. Sam has begun to hang sheet rock for eventual plastering in some of the rooms and the whole place is beginning to look like a house…at least on the inside. We’ve moved most of the needed building supplies inside for the winter to avoid having to drag them through the snow. It is all still a daunting task and we probably have two more years of work ahead of us before the project is completed. On the coldest days we will be in the basement cutting stone for the arches that will go over each window and fabricating decorative cedar shingles that will cover the second floor exterior. Sam also has to strip many of the interior doors to prepare them for stain or paint. I think we both look forward to the respite that the holiday season will provide.  Jim 

Yes, winter is here. Work has not stopped, and there is more to do than I remember yesterday. The insulator asked, and I agreed to do some work for him a day or two a week. He too is pressed to finish projects before severe cold really sets in. This house has really given me an interesting perspective of the seasons. The seasons must dictate and kindly direct our habits. Cold is to be prepared for as well as warmth. Each invites us to gather what blossoms or withers with equal respect and measure. Many of my generation live for the now. Now it is hot, or now it is cold. Rather I am broadening my view to see that it may be warmer or colder. Cycles and patterns exist, and I must observe, plan, and prepare. Gather the wood for heat now, for tomorrow will be cold. Dress the stone today for it may be warm to lay tomorrow. There is more planning that is to be done that I am not aware of. I observe and quiz Jim for he has seen many more seasons than I. We have paced ourselves to each season. Each dictates and directs. In each we build this structure to enjoy and prepare for the next. Sam