Friday, January 23, 2015

Porch and floors

The last bedroom to lay flooring in.
Oak floor laid in blue bedroom. Cherry woodwork being mounted.
Herring bone border in green bedroom. Maple to be laid in center.
Stained and one coat varnished doors.

Cupola sub-floor being installed. Cupola all plastered.
Laying maple floor in attic.
Architrave on porch.
Greetings to Cornelia! Here's a bench for you to sit on.

Nothing has shifted this winter, thus far.
A few shots of the porch in the winter for those abroad. Things have been moving along. Hence no posts until now. The oak floor in the blue bedroom took five days from prep to last board laid. (In case anyone was wondering.) The oak and maple floor in the green bedroom is at this same time frame with a smaller dent. A few other things have been accomplished, but they can wait until another post. I hope all have been staying warm and working hard. Sam