Saturday, January 11, 2014


I'm done. I dont want to write anything. What do I have to say? All I do is work. Work. Work. Work. I posted this picture of Jim's work. What did I do? Just plastered. Rubbing white stuff over the blueboard that hardened up to create a space. What is a space? Just a place to store stuff. Stuff that one thinks is interesting and hopefully beautiful. Beauty. Why is it important? Because it pleases the eye. Well take a look. Do you see anything pleasing to the eye? Maybe your eye has been deceived. Look again. Still don't see anything, then maybe it is because there isn't white stuff smeared all over the blueboard. Oh, and Jim's work, it looks ok as well I guess. Sam

Sam has been a little distracted of late. I think he has breathed in a little too much plaster dust. It is either that or the anticipation of taking a break from the tasks at hand by attending a couple of classes in the coming months I have no choice but to keep working. The oak spiral staircase to the second floor is in...finally. It is a task I am glad to be shed of. I also have all of the black cherry woodwork roughed out for the upstairs two bed rooms on the south side where Sam has finished plastering.Next is the bathroom tile floors and the building of the two brick fireplaces in the living and dining rooms. Then it will be spring and I will be taking a break!!! Jim