Friday, September 7, 2012



The electricity arrived today. Hook-up was completed just after the noon hour to our great relief. All windows and doors are in, and the plumbing rough-in is done. We are now preparing for the insulator to arrive and seal up the walls and ceiling for winter. We still have to get a chimney up for the heating plant but that should only take about a week. When the gas pipe is laid, we will be able to get the fill sand we need to get the radiant heat piping into the first floor. I am waiting patiently for the day when the house is sealed-up in preparation for the winter. I plan a two week hiatus to recover from the work, the summer heat, and all the pressures that come with racing against the weather. We will have a long winter to work inside framing partitions, hanging wall board and building staircases, but right now, I need a break! Jim

Indeed a lot has happened. Today, while the electricity was run and hooked up, I was up on the cupola roof finishing up the shingling. Thankfully the weather has been improving. Sam
My uncle requested that we post a picture of what the finished house will look like. Below is a link to the Hudson, WI house that will be very similar in size to ours: