Friday, June 7, 2013


June 6
It has been a busy several weeks again. Lots of visitors checking up on our progress. On that front, the south side of the house has over half of its stonework in place. The cool cloudy spring has been a boon because when the sun shines, the cement used on the stones dries out before it sets so it has to be covered as soon as it is laid and even then it needs to be watered occasionally throughout the day. As far as the entire exterior is concerned, over half of all the stone is in place and soon we will be having to look for more raw material in order to finish the job. Inside, the great change is the concrete floor laid over the sand on the first floor. The heating cables were laid last fall and all winter we struggled working in the sand. Finally we have a hard floor throughout and can even sweep up the sawdust and wood shavings we make. Jim

My body split and moved wood today. It mixed, poured, and finished cement this week. It met friends, family, and nature alike. Open, accepting, invigorated, it was in motion; alive it was. More than that I was visited as a brother, nephew, son and friend. It was the inspection by these relatives and acquaintances that inspired and moved my humanity. All told another busy week with a few slow shuffling steps forward. Amen. Sam