Thursday, March 13, 2014


It has been a long winter…as I am sure everyone in America knows! Work continued inside but at a slower pace as the snow and cold made every chore more difficult. We have four rooms that have the finish plaster on and several others that have the first coat. Sam is waiting for me to get the chimneys completed and through the roof so he can plaster the rooms they are in. As you can see, the process is partly done. The firebox and smokeshelf needed for both fireplaces are completed. Now we will set the flues. The marble fireplace, still without its installed mantle is particularly handsome. It is made of pink marble and yellow onyx.  The wooden mantle still needs its stone trim before it can be installed. With spring not far off we will soon have to turn our attention to finishing the exterior before the heat of summer sends us indoors again!   Jim

Yeah, what he said! It has been a week of moderately intense plastering. Good to get some white on the walls. I enjoy sloshing through the puddles outside and imagining green leaves on the trees. Am also particularly blown away by how spectacular the marble fireplace is turning out. How does Jim know how to do that? Sam