Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The process has been delightful

The process has been delightful. Wonderful really. Years ago, in my wildest dreams I never would have imagined that this much work could result in such a beautiful and fulfilling outcome. Compared with what general society produces with an equally measurable amount of time and efforts, why would anything other than such beauty be produced? I was at the local mall lately and noticed something. America suffers from much disease, boredom being chief. Among the many other medical ailments one can notice from the wide ranging individuals wandering the mall, I do not think physical work is one of the problems confronted. It may do them some good. As it has done for me. This process isn't easy but it is delightful. And there is something delightful to observe at the end of the day. Wonderful really. Sam

Hard to believe it is June already. Day to day things seem to go at a snail's pace but a glance back to see where we were just a month ago provides a different view. Sam is a real trooper and when my energy flags. he seems to double his efforts. We are waiting patiently for the weather to settle down so that we have a stretch of at least three consecutive days and can uncover the conservatory floor and erect the superstructure and get a roof on before rain threatens. That will finish the outside structure, save the underside of the front porch roof. Rainy days result in more interior work like the paneling shown above. I have been a bit surprised to find that the house has turned out to be more dramatic than even I had imagined! Jim