Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spinning our web

There are spiders in our house. Some are big some are small. Most spin webs others do nothing at all. They weave in the basement. They crawl up to the cupola. From the bottom to the top there seems to be no crevasse that they do not take up. This has been made their home more than ours. They have appeared from nowhere and disappear out of sight. They weave and toil all through the day and night. I saw and I hammer until heat or dark ushers me home. They ignore both and spin, spin, spin. I do not quit, each day anew, I toil and nail until this building is through.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


July 12

The heat and humidity has really slowed things down here. It was a whole week in the 90’s and outside work was only possible for a few hours in the mornings. We did get a two day break and managed to get the cupola framework up and in place. The roof will have to wait as the heat has returned. The final shape of the house is now visible and it is quite a show stopper. We have also begun to get the sub-floor in over the kitchen and some of the second floor. Jim